Controller Mods

Yet another side hobby.

Controllers are another group of HID that I love to collect and modify.

Cheap Mixbox

I have a cheap Mayflash fight stick that I bought. It turns out I don't like playing fighting games with a stick. So I modified it to receive MX switches. The platform is raised and angled to help my left wrist be more comfortable and ergonomic. Next thing I want to do is swap the generic arcade buttons for May 4, 2020

Underside of the original stick. Just desolder and solder to the mx switches.
Cherry MX w/ UHMWPE stems soldered in.

Upgrade AGS-001

Ok this one isn't actually a controller but I didn't want to make yet another page for one of my hobbies.

Aftermarket Transparent ShellMarch 26, 2020
IPS Backlit Screen [EZ-Flash Omega on screen]May 5, 2020
Battery PCB by mako | USB C PCB by BlindEyeMarch 19, 2020
OEM 600mAh | Aftermarket 850mAhMar 19, 2020
Custom 900mAh BatteryMar 19, 2020
Type-C Charge Port [WIP]
3.5mm Female Jack [WIP]

Dampened GCC Triggers

While I love the sound of the GCC, sometimes it's just too loud.
My mod uses Deskey film scraps double-sided taped to the trigger ends. The foam dampens the loud top out noise the trigger makes when resetting to neutral.
April 25, 2021

I also found that Fires has a similar type of mod which uses a thicker silicone dampener. I personally do not like this method because it lowers the trigger and reduces travel more than I would like. If that isn't something that would bother you here is his mod guide.

Deskey film scraps
Scrap placed matte side up
Added on the potentiometer side
Also placed on the finger side.


Here you can see where the foam comes into play. This is the trigger at resting position. The foam will dampen the top out sound.

Other Materials

There are other substitute material that you can use for this mod.
Here I used fabric tape instead of the foam to dampen this trigger. You can also use Band-Aids if you don't have fabric tape.

Feel free to stack tape if you want more dampening.