Keyboard Mods

ID80 Inserts

The Idobao ID80 has a lot of space creating a hollow sound signature when typing. I attempt to diminish that by filling the space between the case and the PCB. All sound tests were recorded with Gateron Yellow lubed with Krytox 205g0.

What I've found through this testing is that I need to have a better recording setup. I can hear it IRL and see it in the waveform, but when listening to playback the difference is hard to distinguish.

Carpet Grip
EVA Foam


The hollow sound signature is very prevalent. The emptiness allows any ping to be amplified through the case.

Carpet Grip

I have this sheet of carpet grip that I use for my DDR pad. Thinking it would be a decent sound dampener being a sort of foam material and just because I had it on hand I cut up a few strips and tried it. The carpet grip eliminated any excessive ping that was echoing through the case. In short it did it's job.

EVA Foam

I had purchased EVA foam from my local crafts store. It was cheap coming out to ~$4 for a decently large 2 mm roll. Repeating the process of what I had done with carpet grip I filled the underside of the PCB. I could have done a better job cutting the foam, but for a 10 min job it did more than I asked for. The foam has muted all ping as well as lowered the pitch the down stroke. Being cheaper than the carpet grip this will be my preferred method of case insert for the time being. I even have lots to spare.

Anne Pro 2 Mods

The Anne Pro 2 has a small hollow space beneath the PCB. The stock sound was decent, but I wanted to test carpet grip as an insert.

Hot-swap modded using Mill-max 0305. The AP2 was originally stocked with Gateron KS-9 so only PCB mount switches will fit.

Carpet Grip
Mill-Max 0305

Foam Filled Stabilizer Caps

Taped carpet grip to the underside of the stabilizer caps in an attempt to reduce the noise. Tested on an ID80 with U4s in sky housings.

Sound Test

Heat Shrink Stabs


I purchased cheap, but very pretty pink stabilizers off of Ali. The stem and wire are decent, but it has a lot of play allowing for horrible rattle. Using a thick lube did not help enough and am hoping adding heat shrink to the wire ends will help decrease the tolerance and make the stabilizer less rattly.

Syringe Lubed Pre-built


Super Lube grade 0 injected into a Corsair K70. Hoping to find a decent lube path for pre-built keyboards that doesn't involve desoldering or using lube sprays.