Mouse Mods

Hotswap Mill-Max Mod

This is a non-reversible mod. It may destroy your mouse PCB so take caution and read fully before attempting. I used millmax 7305 which is a common socket for making hotswap keyboards.

Jul 25, 2020

The pin hole in the mouse is too small for the socket so I had to enlarge it. I didn't use a drill because I was afraid it would cut the pad.

Only wanting to enlarge the hole by shaving it I worked the hole using T3 - TR6 drivers. Be careful not to destroy the pad on the other side. Go until the 7305 fits.

Make sure not to get any solder inside of the socket.

Getting better at precision soldering. The left socket was my first attempt.

Sockets soldered in and functional.

The top of the Mill-Max socket has a lip that allows it to sit on the PCB without falling through. This raises the micro switch and may cause the button to be depressed when installed. I'm not sure if this is the case with every mouse, but in my case I had to shave the underside of the mouse button to create enough tolerance for the mouse to press again.